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We’re dedicated to helping every student that has sat in their high school math class and asked:
“When will I ever use this?”

Featured Math Tidbit

Medical School

Do you want to become a doctor? Did you know that students who major in mathematics have one of the highest acceptance rates into medical school? In fact, acceptance rates for mathematics students over the last 4 years have averaged 6% higher than for students who majored in biological sciences and 38% higher than for […]

Featured Career

Computational Biologist

A computational biologist (bioinformatics) applies the techniques of computer science, applied mathematics, and statistics to address biological problems. His/her main focus lies on developing mathematical modeling and computational simulation techniques. By these means it addresses scientific research topics without a laboratory.

Featured Blog Post

Math Movies

What better way to get excited about math than with a fun movie? Movies can help display the many real-world applications of mathematics, from sports to art. Click here to check out a list of great films. Sports fans, try Moneyball¬†for the story of the 2002 Oakland A’s and how an analytic approach to the […]